import Link from 'next/link'; import { getSignInUrl, getUser, signOut } from '@workos-inc/authkit-nextjs'; export default async function HomePage() { // Retrieves the user from the session or returns `null` if no user is signed in const { user } = await getUser(); // Get the URL to redirect the user to AuthKit to sign in const signInUrl = await getSignInUrl(); /** * If a signed-in user is mandatory, you can use the `ensureSignedIn` * configuration option. If logged out, the below will immediately redirect * the user to AuthKit. After signing in, the user will automatically * be redirected back to this page. * */ // const { user } = await getUser({ ensureSignedIn: true }); if (!user) { return Sign in; } return (
{ 'use server'; await signOut(); }} >

Welcome back{user.firstName && `, ${user.firstName}`}

); }

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